What is BWRT?

Frequently Asked Questions About BWRT

 1. What is BWRT? How does it work?

BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy.  Recursive means a recursive loop that is a thought process where we loop exactly the same thoughts over and over again. The thoughts that lead to emotions and feelings are causing the distress in the first place. BWRT will replace previous neurotic symptoms of thoughts and feelings, and store and strengthen a preferred or future memory over the old memory that distresses you.

2. What is the relevance of Benjamin Libet’s 1983 experiment, and its relevance to BWRT

In 1983, Benjamin Libet made an experiment, which proves that we do not actually have free will in the way that we think we do. He discovered that we have something he named as “readiness potential” that occurs in our brain in a little over a half second before the actual conscious decision was reported. He did this by asking people to note the position of a moving dot on a circular scale that looked something like a clock. It turns out that when the people became consciously aware of their decision to move their finger, they had already made an “action potential” from 550 milliseconds to 350 milliseconds before they knew what they did.

The relevance of the experiment to BWRT is that we believe we make a conscious decision to do things before we do them, however Libet’s theory indicates we don’t. BWRT’s objective is to fill that cognitive gap, which is the gap before we are consciously aware of what we do and then what we do or what action or statement we make.

3. Can you give an example to help me understand that we don’t have free will?

We don’t have free will in the way that we tend to think we do. When it comes to the brain processing data, speed is of the essence. The brain processes data and locates pattern matches that are stored in our brain. This all happens through our neural pathways. The pattern matches have been employed before for things that have happened in our lives. They are then stored. They are stored in the brain because they have clearly led to survival and are therefore valid. The first pattern match the brain is able to recall will be the one most likely to be acted upon. When this pattern has been encountered before then each time it is recalled it strengthens the pattern. Each time as it strengthens it then will be recalled faster and faster. The most used responses will always be the responses to be tested first.

When we are born, mostly these neural pathways are not present. As we grow the first major learnings are reward and punishment and every lesson we have are taken as a measure, which comparisons will be made for the future. The responses that we have to stimuli are not really a matter of choice. The reaction we have and have developed over time is completely instinctive and driven by a process that is far faster than conscious thought.

4. Please tell me why I should choose BWRT to help me?

In the BWRT model we are going back along the neural pathway to make changes in the cognitive gap in our brain, where the source of the neurotic symptoms are stored. It can effect permanent change on a very short period of time and dissolve mind related problems almost instantaneously. It’s amazing that positive results can happen quickly, which are very different from the traditional therapies that we know.

All other therapies require for the most part longer treatment times and for the most part never replace and solve the deep issue clients have that brings them to therapy. All other therapies require the clients to tell the therapist much more information than the BWRT therapist needs to know resulting in many more sessions and reliving traumas. In BWRT the client does not have to fully explain what they have been through unless they want to as we are working on the response or recall to the issue. BWRT works with the brain and other therapies work with the mind and thoughts.