Focus on your mental health to support you personally, professionally and in relationships
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We are living in an increasingly fast paced world, under tremendous pressure for a work life balance, with possible past traumas, which contributes to prevailing mental health issues. Ealing Counselling & Coaching aims to be a part of the therapy alliance to help reduce human suffering by providing support and service with compassion and sensitivity.

Based on a multi-cultural perspective we respect the differences of each individual in terms of their choices of living, dreaming and pursuits. We believe that all of us have the strengths and insights to go through life challenges we face, however, we may need some encouragement and support to feel not alone.

Ealing Counselling & Coaching provides individual and couple counselling for adults and adolescents covering, but not restricted to depression, anxiety, anger, loss, trauma, and parental and relationship issues. We also provide career counselling and coaching, leadership building counselling, psycho-educational seminars per request, and group therapy for effective communication and intimate relationships.

To contact us at Ealing Counselling & Coaching please click on the contact link to send a private and confidential email or call or text to 1 604 704 9062.





Dominic’s Testimonials

“I have really enjoyed our time together. I know you will make it easy for anyone to open up to you as you have done for me. I also feel you have risen well beyond your counselling role. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the skills you have given me to apply in my life. I really feel I am able to work on my own now. Thank you for being a great counsellor.”

“Thank you for everything Dominic. With you at Moving Forward Family Service I have been able to move forward with my issues. You have been my medicine.” 

Isabella’s Testimonials

“I appreciate your balance of, knowing when I need more space and compassion, and when I need a push to work on my issues.”

“You make me focus on myself.  I find myself again.  Thank you.”

“You validate my feelings, work on issues important to me, not to you.  I feel respected and attended.  I feel much better about myself.”